Beta Update

NOTE: You will need to re-download the game from your library to get the update. Changes:

  • Save Game! The game saves your progress now, you can close and then pick up where you left off. The game saves automatically.
  • Players reach out to each other when they get close.
  • New Music, 3 new tracks were added to the game.
  • Sound Options. You can now change your sound levels and they will be saved.
  • Monster Animations improved. Notably he grabs at the wisps and then they are added to his backpack.
  • Large object added to the 1st level.
  • Level select node has improved animations when it is complete
  • Story boxes are now semi transparent when on the level select screen

Plans for next build:

  • More levels
  • Various Improved animations
  • Ability to skip music tracks in the sound menu. (later on this will be unlocked through completing optional game objectives)

Other things we are working on but not for the next build

  • Even more levels
  • Story
  • New art for new “world”

Updates and Beta Build

I guess Beta is really a misnomer. It is more like early access than a beta, but that is what we called the kickstarter tier.

Beta Changes

  • Level select is in the game, some placeholder art and animations still in place
    • level nodes
    • blocking walls
    • bonus walls
    • story nodes
    • fog of war clouds

Plans for next build

  • Updated animations and refinement for level select
  • Updated animations for the “monster”
  • Volume control
  • Save will track game progress and Volume preferences

Other things we are working on but not for next build

  • More levels
  • Story
  • New art for new “world”


Character Names and Kickstarter

We decided we needed a subtitle for Together to make it easier to search for and find on Google. At the same time we were looking for character names.

Rami Ismail of vlambeer was kind enough to offer some suggestions for character names and we went with those.

The new names are now the subtitle of the game. Together: Amna & Saif

You can head over to kickstarter to check out some new info and art about the game.


Art Update 5/23/14

Been a while since I have posted. Here is some new stuff.

We need to make the fairy animation more juicy but you can see them knocking down rocks to the exit here.


Initially there is the intro animation then stepping on buttons raises and lowers the red wall. We need to tweak how intro the intro animation gets played for walls that start as lowered.


Updated Monster





Art Update 4/6/2014

We are working on getting the new character designs in game.  Here is what we hope it will look like.

We also updated the coloring on the logo.

Together:Art Update 3/28/2014

Lots of art updates this week.

We have a logo

Together Logo


We are changing the race of the characters to bring more diversity to games.  I would like to add multiple race select options, but that will depend on how our kickstarter goes in May.


We have reworked the colors in game. Here is a screen grab of what the first level looks like right now.

Together: new colors screen

Updated Walls

I received some great feedback from the last post. The leaves were too busy so I made the packing algorithm always place a rock or ruin in the corners. And we place leaves sparsely throughout.

The grass texture is also updated in this image.

I’m currently in the process of play testing to make sure the wall hitbox is always readable.

Together: Non-tile-based Reusable Art

I wanted to limit how much art I had to pay for (not creating new art for each level.)  I also wanted to limit how much time I spent in the level editor.

Given what was already built, I decided it would be pretty easy to grab from a bunch of art assets and stick them in randomly to create good looking, but cost efficient art. Let me know what you think.

In Together, walls are always rectangles but can be of any dimension.

I created a box fill “algorithm” and fill up each wall square with random assets.  This is the result.  Since these are generated randomly I will show three different results.

At this stage the boarders of the wall hitbox aren’t readable based on the art, and having the box fill packed completely enough to do so makes the space look too cramped.

So we tried adding a dirt texture underneath.

The border is now definitely readable but the corners are too sharp.

Eventually we decided to cover up the bottom with piles of leaves.  This communicates the hit box well enough without the sharp edges.

Bonus: here is what some early prototyping looked like.  You have to start somewhere!

Together – Tree Progress

Rather than tacking on a second player to a single player campaign, Together is built from the ground up to be co-operative. One player can’t do everything while the other hangs back. You have to work together and communicate.

Progression of the trees and colors.

Trees started out looking like this 

Then turned to this

After retooling the coloring
Currently looks like this and is still being worked on

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Art Update 2/19/14

We updated the leaf piles on the ground and the colors of the trees.  The walls are using a box packing algorithm to fill them will leaves and then different artwork assets on top of that.