Art Update 1/15/14

Since I have been quiet for quite some time I decided to post a screen cap of the game so far.  There are still some placeholder assets and things that will be changed/improved but you can see the art direction.    If you want to see the game in action I … Continue reading

Hidden Costs of Extrinsic Rewards in Games

Consider the costs of extrinsic rewards in your games, and the long term health of the industry. Creativity, interest, curiosity, enjoyment, learning memory, conceptual understanding, and upstanding behavior are fueled by intrinsic motivation.  Extrinsic rewards improperly implemented can knock these off like a koopa shell sliding through a line of … Continue reading

A Game with Purpose

I thought it would be beneficial to write down how and why we are making a meaningful game. There are many ways to make a game worth playing, I do not purpose to say this is the only way, nor does every game need to have meaning. Still, it is … Continue reading