Together:Art Update 3/28/2014

Lots of art updates this week. We have a logo   We are changing the race of the characters to bring more diversity to games.  I would like to add multiple race select options, but that will depend on how our kickstarter goes in May. We have reworked the colors … Continue reading

Updated Walls

I received some great feedback from the last post. The leaves were too busy so I made the packing algorithm always place a rock or ruin in the corners. And we place leaves sparsely throughout. The grass texture is also updated in this image. I’m currently in the process of play … Continue reading

Together – Tree Progress

Rather than tacking on a second player to a single player campaign, Together is built from the ground up to be co-operative. One player can’t do everything while the other hangs back. You have to work together and communicate. Progression of the trees and colors. Trees started out looking like … Continue reading