Together: Non-tile-based Reusable Art

I wanted to limit how much art I had to pay for (not creating new art for each level.)  I also wanted to limit how much time I spent in the level editor.

Given what was already built, I decided it would be pretty easy to grab from a bunch of art assets and stick them in randomly to create good looking, but cost efficient art. Let me know what you think.

In Together, walls are always rectangles but can be of any dimension.

I created a box fill “algorithm” and fill up each wall square with random assets.  This is the result.  Since these are generated randomly I will show three different results.

At this stage the boarders of the wall hitbox aren’t readable based on the art, and having the box fill packed completely enough to do so makes the space look too cramped.

So we tried adding a dirt texture underneath.

The border is now definitely readable but the corners are too sharp.

Eventually we decided to cover up the bottom with piles of leaves.  This communicates the hit box well enough without the sharp edges.

Bonus: here is what some early prototyping looked like.  You have to start somewhere!