Beta Update

NOTE: You will need to re-download the game from your library to get the update. Changes:

  • Save Game! The game saves your progress now, you can close and then pick up where you left off. The game saves automatically.
  • Players reach out to each other when they get close.
  • New Music, 3 new tracks were added to the game.
  • Sound Options. You can now change your sound levels and they will be saved.
  • Monster Animations improved. Notably he grabs at the wisps and then they are added to his backpack.
  • Large object added to the 1st level.
  • Level select node has improved animations when it is complete
  • Story boxes are now semi transparent when on the level select screen

Plans for next build:

  • More levels
  • Various Improved animations
  • Ability to skip music tracks in the sound menu. (later on this will be unlocked through completing optional game objectives)

Other things we are working on but not for the next build

  • Even more levels
  • Story
  • New art for new “world”