It is our aim to make games that benefit society.


Together is a two player co-op game focused on player interaction and interdependence. Different than most co-op games, in Together you can’t complete anything by yourself. You will need to communicate and co-operate with each other to progress. We aim to make you feel relatedness to each other that comes from working to accomplish a common goal. We will be running a kickstarter on May 30th. Visit for more info.


Progeny (working title) 

Side project.

A game about socioeconomic conditions, our decisions and how they affect our descendants for generations.  This will be a short game and released for free.

Part of what has inspired me to make this game is my great grandpa ran away from home at a young age. The effects of that decision and others in his life can be seen in the current generation of our family and likely for hundreds of years in the future.

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